Louisville Pet Owner Resources

Helpful Links for Lyndon Animal Clinic Clients

Please note, Lyndon Animal Clinic provides these pet resources as information only - we do not recommend nor are we affiliated with these organizations or websites. Always call us with questions.

Louisville Adoptions

Want to add the perfect four legged addition to your family? We can help! We work closely with local animal shelters, rescue organizations and sometimes, even have abandoned animals at our clinic who need homes. Our doctors are happy to help you evaluate your lifestyle and what type of animal or breed will best fit your lifestyle. Of course adoptions through organizations must be carried out according the particular policies of the organization.

Want to adopt now, without talking to us? See our local partners below for some of our adoption recommendations.

Local Partners

Alley Cat Advocates
(502) 634-8777Visit Online
Animal Ridders
(502) 423-0461Visit Online
Bark Avenue Grooming
(502) 425-8270Visit Online
Kentucky Humane Society
(502) 366-3355Visit Online
Louisville Kennel Club
(502) 896-0744Visit Online
Pet Station Grooming
(502) 326-3501Visit Online
Shamrock Foundation
(502) 585-3220Visit Online
Woodstock Animal Foundation
(859) 277-7729Visit Online

Pet Loss Support

Losing a pet can feel like nothing short of loosing a dear friend or close family member, sometimes the pain can be even worse. We want to provide you with ample resources for grieving and allow you to make the most informed decision possible if you come to the dreaded crossroad of euthanasia. Below are resources to help, if you find yourself with questions, please don’t hesitate a bit to contact our office, and speak with one of our doctors or staff.

If you're asking, when is it time to let go? Read on here.

Thumbs up and stars

“They are absolutely AMAZING! We recently lost our dog, who was a patient there for 4 1/2 years. We have lived in a few states over the 10 1/2 years that we had our dog and Lyndon is by far the best vet we had! I will always recommend them! If you love your pet half as much as we loved Reagan, take them to Lyndon!”

Kim Bagwell